What to Do With a BB Cream

BB cream

There are so many “must have” facial products out there that it would be impossible to get use out of all of them, after all, you can only put so many creams on your face at once. But when you find one that can effectively multitask it can be a total game changer. BB creams […]

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Boho Chic Style Stars


From Stevie Nicks to Kate Moss, countless celebrities have adopted a bohemian approach to dressing that is completely refreshing with a mix of intention and simplicity. The trend romanticizes a gypsy kind of life; a break from the expected that’s equal parts colorful and earthy. If you’re looking for boho chic style inspiration to help […]

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Porcelain Perfection: Embrace Pale Skin

Perfect winter skin

On a recent trip to Texas, my old pals started calling me Casper and the name stuck. While I have an excuse for my absurdly pale skin, having been stuck inside with an infant all winter, I’m certainly not alone. Those of us who live almost half the year in the frozen Anti-Wonderland whose borders […]

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Luxurious Cleansing Oils

best cleansing oils

One of the latest beauty trends revolves around oil cleansing, but despite its reputation as a brand new cleansing solution, this skincare method has been around for a very long time and for a great reason: it works.

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New Ways to Do the Cat Eye

Cat eye makeup

There’s no need to shy away from the cat eye look, even if you’re avoiding it because you feel like it’s over done. There are always new trends out there and eye makeup application isn’t left out of the fun. Here are some new ways to do the cat eye. (more…)

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