Lovesac Helps You to Love Moving Your Sofa


Everyone has either experienced or heard of the horror of moving a massive sofa into or out of a tiny apartment with a narrow staircase. Innovative furniture company Lovesac has found a way to ease the pain of moving a sofa. (more…)

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Living Proof that You Can Have a Perfect Hair Day

Charlotte Tilbury - The Dolce Vita

You may think that a perfect hair day starts with hours of carefully blow-drying your hair. In fact, it starts with the shampoo and conditioner that you use to wash your hair. Hair care company Living Proof created the Perfect hair Day (PhD) line to make your hair look great before you even style it. […]

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Primark Debuts in the U.S.


Anyone familiar with Irish fast fashion retailer Primark (pronounced PRY-mark) has been eagerly awaiting its U.S. debut. A flagship 77,000-square-foot, four-floor store opened in the former Filene’s building in Boston’s Downtown Crossing on Thursday, September 10. (more…)

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Calling All Beauty’s With a Dark Side

star wars makeup

A long time ago, in a galaxy not far, far away, there lived a fashion style that still sparks inspiration two trilogies and four decades later. When Star Wars was first released, a hair style never seen before was born. Of course, we’re talking about Princess Leah and her hair buns. But to this day, the […]

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Transform your outfit with Paridaez

black dress

When it comes to fashion, versatility is key. Few pieces of clothing are more adaptable than the Paridaez line (pronounced like “pah-reh-deez”). Made in black and dark gray, the collection goes with everything. (more…)

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