Comfy Athletic Wear

Athletic Wear

Dress to impress is a social code we all live by. We spend minutes, hours, and even days putting together the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether we are dressing for work, going out with friends, on a date, to the market, to a BBQ, etc., we want to look our best. Clothes instill confidence. However, there is something about rocking a pair […]

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Get Headbands Exactly Like Those Seen On Reign


Headbands are constantly evolving hair accessories. Especially when they are taking cues from period piece TV shows. Reign for instance, which airs on the CW, follows the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots, living in France. While it doesn’t entirely stay true to history in any sense, the modernized 16th century fashion is stunning. […]

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Model on the Rise: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

The Kardashian clan — whether they are your cup of iced tea or not — is certainly made up of beauties. But who would have ever thought that one of the famed reality TV sisters, not to mention one with the last name Jenner, would rise to international model stardom, being besties with no less […]

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Cutest Nautical Apparel & Accessories

Nautical Apparel

Nautical apparel and accessories are all the rage during the warm weather since they signify relaxation, beach outings, and super cute hues of blues, whites, and even some wicked shades of orange and yellow. (more…)

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What to Do With a BB Cream

BB cream

There are so many “must have” facial products out there that it would be impossible to get use out of all of them, after all, you can only put so many creams on your face at once. But when you find one that can effectively multitask it can be a total game changer. BB creams […]

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